Welcome to IRF Stake Pool

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We are building a robust stake pool to add diversity and resilency to the Cardano network


Our vision is to always use our own physical hardware in a datacenter environment. We have a phased approach that continue to build more redundancy and greater resiliency as the stake pool grows in size


You should feel safe on who you delegate to. On the Security side we have designed and run our enviroment under the framework of ISO27001, NIST 800-53r5, and SANS CIS Controls v8

Small Scale

We feel that small business is a big player that drives economies and change. The focus of IRF Stake pool is to stay as a single pool operator with redundancy and reliability that can complete with the larger stake pool operators

We need your delegation!

We have great plans on both building a small scale stake pool and sharing that data with other small pool operations, but we can't grow to that point without you!

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