Phase 4

A lot of work has taken place since the last blog post. After reviewing node performance and throughput, the reduction of latency was not needed at the level I was thinking. Time matters but I was thinking we would need to be looking at reductions in uS. Copper connections and midgrade firewalls running redundant is plenty for the need of the nodes. redudent hardware was staged prior to the move to the datacenter and all appears to be working well.

The move to the datacenter went smooth with minimal downtime and allowed me to promote my second private relay to a public Relay. I updated fees to 0.05% and 340 while adding in the second relay. 

I have also launched a testnet node with a single public relay where I will be testing changes and ensuring block production before moving to mainnet node following Phase 4 approach.

Next up is marketing and getting delegators to the 1m Staked.